Intersection of PR & Social Media


The 10 Benefits: Incorporating Public Relations & Social Media

This past semester, I have had the opportunity to learn and implement many concepts & practices for using social media. I have learned how to incorporate public relations and social media in the most effective way, especially when generating content and promoting a message. These new communication management functions I have learned have given me new insights regarding digital platforms and the publics that consume their content. Below is a list I have constructed of 10 valuable lessons I have learned from this Social Media Public Relations Class:

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Team Green Talks


Let’s celebrate Earth Day ALL year round!

Do you live in or around Nashville, Tennessee?
Are you interested in the following:
Physical Activity 
The Outdoors 
Community Service 

If you answered yes for the above questions, then Team Green Adventures is for you!

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The Unparalleled Contribution


Are mission trips really the “Ultimate Benefaction?”

I’m feeling quite nostalgic today, whether that’s because of my Time Hop App, #TBT, or that some old friends that are coming to visit. I’m not sure why, but I started reminiscing about different adventures I have been on in life. One of them was a mission trip! About 5 years ago, I went on my first and only medical mission trip to Nicaragua. It was amazing, inspiring, humbling, transforming, ignorance shedding, etc. I learned so many things, not only about poverty in 3rd world countries, but the heart that goes into missionaries, medical teams, and different cultural communities. 

The basic ability to connect with any human being is truly brought to light when hindered by different languages and cultures.

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The Hobby: Edible Artistry


Try something new: Edible craftsmanship!

What better way to nourish our bodies than through a creative expression using food! Last summer I noticed a trend developing in which people were making food into cute designs. Being that I love food and art, it only seemed natural that I join in on the fun! I originally noticed these adorable food pictures on my Pinterest feed. After that, it was a short amount of time before it caught on with social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Instagram definitely facilitated its expansion being that the site incorporates social interaction based on picture sharing. Users commonly uploaded pictures of their meals anyhow, whether for fitness inspiration, a unique arrangement of ingredients, cultural expansion via food, etc. This form of expression, that seemed to be mostly limited to the decorating of baked goods, finally expanded to other food categories, broadening from dessert exclusivity! The demographics of this trend seem to be moms and young children. Continue reading

Hootsuite: Enterprise Training Opportunity

Hootsuite Certified Professional

Learn strategies and tactics to advance your Social Media skills.

      I have officially become Hootsuite Certified as a Social Media expert! Hootsuite has enhanced my social media management skills. It has provided me with invaluable tools that help me manage my different social media platforms and utilize my time while doing so. Some of things I have learned include (but are not limited to):

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The Art in Heart Break


Lets talk about heart break

Warning: I am most definitely not claiming to know the worst pains of the heart and to have the answers of mastering them.

A friend came to me for advice the other day, looking for inspiration because they were hurting. Thankfully, I had just come to this awesome realization in my own life so I was able to provide SOME comfort. It’s a bummer when you turn to a friend for emotional help and they’re saying all the right things, but for whatever reason it still doesn’t soothe in the slightest. What is even worse than that is being the friend struggling and floundering to find those words that can give comfort. Words that give healing. When I can’t deliver the perfect remedy I feel as if I have failed my friend. So for that reason in this post I am going to talk about my own journey. If that helps you in some way then my heart is filled with joy! If it doesn’t that’s okay, what do I know anyway!

I will be turning 23 years old in 4 days. H O L Y S H I T. When I thought about that the other day, my mind started thinking about all the previous years of my life. Where I have been to where I am now. I realized each year of my life was littered with bruises and wounds from something or someone, ever since I can remember. I wish that I could go back to my younger self, in those exact moments and explain why it will be okay. I can’t remember that much of my childhood, but from 1rst grade and up there have been significant pitfalls. I’ll skip over the middle school years. Those contained a mom battling breast cancer, girl drama and awkward boy encounters. I still swear kids are the most ruthless at that age. Here are just a few of the pains I have experienced and the significant impact they’ve had on my life. Continue reading

“New Age” Movement: Old Fallacies


Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?

I have only taken two Philosophy courses in my life (years ago), but apparently love to talk about it. Philosophy is a comprehensive system of ideas about human nature and the nature of the reality we live in. It is the guide of living. We all live according to our own belief systems, which dictate our daily decisions in life. Since this is so important I wanted to talk about the recently flourishing philosophy referred to as the New Age Movement. I was introduced to this philosophy through a book titled “The Secret.” Many acquaintances had been reading it and attributed their good fortune to the teachings of this book. Naturally, I wanted in on “The Secret” to success and abundances. After little convincing, I immediately set out to purchase and study this “all-knowing” resource. Continue reading