Intersection of PR & Social Media


The 10 Benefits: Incorporating Public Relations & Social Media

This past semester, I have had the opportunity to learn and implement many concepts & practices for using social media. I have learned how to incorporate public relations and social media in the most effective way, especially when generating content and promoting a message. These new communication management functions I have learned have given me new insights regarding digital platforms and the publics that consume their content. Below is a list I have constructed of 10 valuable lessons I have learned from this Social Media Public Relations Class:

1. How to create, design, and manage a website.
2. How to manage different social media platforms.
3. How to read and utilize data analytics available on social media sites.
4.What types of content exist and how to generate that content.
5. What brand management is and the skills necessary to effectively communicate it.
6.How to organize and operate a Twitter chat.
7. What different components make up a digital platform and how to use/create them.
8. How to create visual content using various tools for my digit platforms.
9. How to plan, develop, and create a podcast.
10. How to construct a Social Media Strategy.



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