Team Green Talks


Let’s celebrate Earth Day ALL year round!

Do you live in or around Nashville, Tennessee?
Are you interested in the following:
Physical Activity 
The Outdoors 
Community Service 

If you answered yes for the above questions, then Team Green Adventures is for you!

Not only is local independent radio station Lightning 100 known for spinning some radical tunes, it also is known for a community service and environmental awareness based organization, Team Green Adventures.

Team Green Adventures is what contributes to the uniqueness of the radio station and keeps its listeners closer than your typical corporate owned station. It allows direct audience engagement, through a variety of events that provide endless opportunities to interact with its listeners.

Team Green Adventures was developed in 1996 by the station in attempt to promote environmental awareness among its dedicated listeners. It originally started as a club, but later grew into a larger entity that promotes outdoor activity, physical fitness, community service, and adventure for the middle Tennessee area. The activities hosted by TGA include kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, yoga, physical fitness sessions, community service events, etc.

Below is a podcast created by myself and friend Kate Wilke. We interviewed Matt Genove, Team Green Adventure’s event coordinator, to take a deeper look at this organization!

Have a listen!



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