The Hobby: Edible Artistry


Try something new: Edible craftsmanship!

What better way to nourish our bodies than through a creative expression using food! Last summer I noticed a trend developing in which people were making food into cute designs. Being that I love food and art, it only seemed natural that I join in on the fun! I originally noticed these adorable food pictures on my Pinterest feed. After that, it was a short amount of time before it caught on with social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Instagram definitely facilitated its expansion being that the site incorporates social interaction based on picture sharing. Users commonly uploaded pictures of their meals anyhow, whether for fitness inspiration, a unique arrangement of ingredients, cultural expansion via food, etc. This form of expression, that seemed to be mostly limited to the decorating of baked goods, finally expanded to other food categories, broadening from dessert exclusivity! The demographics of this trend seem to be moms and young children.

It is an easy way to promote healthy eating among kids, since they are distracted by the playful aesthetics. By combining garnishing and the important parts of the food pyramid it is a great compromise to generate better nutritional habits. Although my food art is not primarily focused on healthy ingredients, the designs can be incorporated into any meal! Here are some that I have made:


 For more inspiration I would suggest checking out Pinterest or Hashtags related to #FoodArt on Instagram!



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