Hootsuite: Enterprise Training Opportunity

Hootsuite Certified Professional

Learn strategies and tactics to advance your Social Media skills.

      I have officially become Hootsuite Certified as a Social Media expert! Hootsuite has enhanced my social media management skills. It has provided me with invaluable tools that help me manage my different social media platforms and utilize my time while doing so. Some of things I have learned include (but are not limited to):

-How to manage multiple social media profiles in one place

-Information on my social outreach and indepth perspectives of my social media data

-Advance scheduling of posts for multiple platforms

-Incorporating Team Members, application utilization, geographic targeting, social campaigning, etc.

-Feed monitoring and content distribution

            I have already started integrating these newly learned skills into my every day social media management. What I love most is that it sets me apart from my competitors. I love using it in my personal life, to monitor different friends tweets or professionals I look up too. I can’t wait to apply these skills at a future place of employment. I recommend anyone interested in advancing their Social Media knowledge and skills visit www.hootsuite.com and explore the learning opportunities it provides!



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